Past and Current Projects

1. Connectivity and local adaptation in marine fishes across their ranges

Current study species include southern flounder, golden tilefish and gafftopsail fish.

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    2. Genetic diversity of small populations

    Conservation Genetics focuses on small populations, past study species include white sharks, silversides, sturgeon, and winter flounder, ongoing research includes salmon and bullsharks.

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      3. Population level effects of a large-scale oil spill on the genetic diversity of demersal fishes

      How did the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oilspill affect golden tilefish, and other demersal species?

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        4. DNA Fingerprinting

        DNA fingerprinting can be used to identify individuals and their relationships to each other with a variety of applciations, including aquaculture.

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          5. Mixed stock analysis

          Mixed stock analysis can be used to determine the contribution of individual rivers and estuaries that form the natal habitat and/or nurseries of juveniles recruiting to populations offshore.

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            6. Genetic Barcoding

            Genetic barcoding for species identification ... gut content analaysis, wildlife forensics and other applications.

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